Monday, March 19, 2007

Warning: Strong Language

We watched two movies this weekend. The first, The Proposition, took me back to my one semester of Australian Lit. when I was totally digging Australia circa 1800’s. This is of those great Westerns that make you itch and sweat, it's so well done.

The second movies was Bon Cop, Bad Cop. I really, really wanted to like it. It starts well. The characters are promising, some funny dialogue. And it completely degrades from there. We finally just turned it off and went to bed. I haven’t once wondered what happened in the end, which is unusual because I usually love mysteries. Good ones, that is.

One thing that came out of it: I’ve been walking around the house shouting “câlice!” Maudite! Mon crisse de char est brisé!* You know, if I had a car.

Here’s a story on how not to ruin your kids.

*That wasn't in the movie. I was inspired to look up Quebecois cuss words.

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