Thursday, March 01, 2007

Third Post of the Day! **LINK NSFW**

WORKING: GUESS what’s lying in the middle of our kitchen floor?
TREV: Boo?
TREV: a puddle of vomit?
TREV: blood?
TREV: the mailman?
TREV: the ceiling?
TREV: stop. leaving. your drawer. open!
WORKING: I blame that cat.
WORKING: I should blog this.
TREV: no
WORKING: oh come on! It's high-larious!
TREV: my parents read your blog.
(* * * )
TREV: but it is funny
WORKING: So is that a yes?
TREV: sure

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Blogger Schmutzie ~ 3:29 PM

You know, I opened that link right when I was out in the open at the reception desk at work!  

Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 4:20 PM

Whoops! Sorry 'bout that.  

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