Saturday, March 03, 2007

Saturday! Saaaturday!

It's crazy to be up this early on a Saturday. Even the dog's still drooling, likely onto my pillow. Thanks Dog. An Autoshare Suzuki Wagon and me are off to Newmarket.

Actually, I kind of like driving around the city early on Saturday morning. The traffic isn't bad, I like the early Saturday morning show on CBC Radio, and I feel a kinship with all of the other Saturday workers heading out this early. It's like living in a different dimension from the Monday to Friday masses who are spending the day in line at the car wash or D0minion.

Unless you're a D0minion employee with the Saturday shift, of course. You're in the same dimension. Come to think of it, I really should pick up some groceries if I'm going to have the car. And I'll have to wash the car before I return it.

Damn. Same dimension after all.

Meanwhile, go learn how not to be ripped off.

And I've seen this before and it's well worth a second viewing. Ira Glass on Storytelling, via Your Daily Awesome.

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