Thursday, March 29, 2007

Pretty and Ugly In One Day

First, the cute spring purse that my parents sent. It'll make me look less homeless. Okay, the budget is not that bad but trust me, this helps the psychological aspect.

Second, WTF is happening to the dog? At this rate, she's gonna need Rogaine (note: I'm referring to the twonie-sized spot, not the inside-out ear. I know what that is).

$100 for the vet to tell me "it could be anything." Though, she did rule out ringworm (did you know they use black lights to find ringworm? She turned out the lights and came at us with a black light / magnifying glass and I'm all like hey, whoa, you're cute for a vet but I don't swing that way)

For another $100 I could have ruled out mange. For another $100 I could have made sure my beloved pet isn't dying from heart worm.

I bought the damn fungus salve and got out of there tout de suite.

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