Thursday, March 22, 2007


Letter to my good friend T.:

Hey T.: We own Triumph of the Will and I saw it but I can't remember what I thought. It was ages ago. Luckily, Trevor has a memory like a steel trap when it comes to movies. He replies:
i would tend to agree with the "cinematic intelligencia" regarding triumph of the will.. it's not a documentary by any means. Riefenstahl considered it an art film (if not a doc) and it was used by the nazis as a propaganda film (they actually commissioned it).

content aside, from a filmmaking standpoint it's stunning. I'm not sure what it has to do with Nietzsche exactly.
[WORKING: the whole "will to power" as being primary to "will to live" debate?] although i'm no expert on the man, it's my understanding that the nazis sort of "misquoted" him [WORKING: thanks to Nietzsche's sister!].

The latest DVD version has an insightful commentary that would be more useful to her and may address exactly what she's looking for. it's a bit academic for me
[WORKING: Yes, I think we followed it up with a good dose of Superman, if I recall...].
TREVOR: how appropriate. seeing as Nietzsche used to write about the idea of a superman. was that an intentional pun?

WORKING: Ha! No! See? I'm smart without even knowing I am!

TREVOR: T. will get it.

WORKING: Because she's smart and I'm an idiot?

TREVOR: is that what i said?

WORKING: In so many subtle ways. I’m on to you.

TREVOR: i'm just saying she'll congratulate you on a good pun!

WORKING: Oh. Well let's pretend it was intentional.

TREVOR: that's what i usually do

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