Friday, March 30, 2007

Meme Day


# Favorite Color: Blue
# Favorite Food: Green Dragon Roll
# Favorite Month: March
# Favorite Song: This week, “Chicago” by Sufjan Stevens
# Favorite Movie: I really enjoy movies but this year has been all about TV and I love “Dexter” (but not in that way).
# Favorite Sport: In my life I’ve played soccer, trained in Krav Maga and Moksha Yoga. Each was my favourites in its time.
# Favorite Season: Spring, though Toronto does it poorly at first with all the mud and melting dog crap. But it gets really good.
# Favorite Day of the week: Sunday. Pancake day!
# Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: I like Skor bits in my vanilla ice cream.
# Favorite Time of Day: Corrie Time! Supper happens simultaneously.


# Current Mood: Very tired. That’s why I’m doing this – to stay awake.
# Current Taste: Old coffee. Gaw.
# Current Clothes: Lulu Lemon dog walking pants and an old navy fleece hoodie that I stole from my sister a decade ago.
# Current Desktop: An image of the Earth, selected when I was freaking out about global warming last week.
# Current Toenail Color: Oh hell, I dunno and I’m not taking off my socks.
# Current Time: Noon.
# Current Surroundings: My home office. Behind me, the living room couch, on which recline the three laziest and most indulged animals on the block.
# Current Thoughts: So. Tired.


# First Best Friend: Naomi. We have baby pictures together. Trevor says I looked like Bat Boy with my huge mouth.
# First Kiss: Oh. Oooooh. Yuck. There were braces and slobber. I didn’t need to remember that.
# First Screen Name: Blue Olive?
# First Pet: Noodles! She “went to the farm”. Liars.
# First Piercing: Ears. They got very infected and my aunt cleaned them for me when my parents were away. She was a lovely aunt. She died not long after.
# First Crush: Grade 3, Robbie a.k.a. Luke Skywalker
# First CD: Wow. Roxette? No, MC Hammer!!! Yikes. And look what he did with the money I gave him!


# Last Cigarette: Summer of ’94 in Quebec City. Cuz if you’re gonna smoke, that’s the place to do it.
# Last Drink: Last Thursday. A Coor’s Lite with my Happy Birthday Green Dragon Roll.
# Last Car Ride: Three #*@% hours on the 401 last night. I don’t want to talk about it.
# Last Kiss: Um, I just kissed the cat. Not on the mouth or anything.
# Last Movie Seen: “Breach”. Great movie.
# Last Phone Call: A lady just called me ranting about her awful husband. Such is the nature of my job. Poor lady.
# Last CD Played: I just played “Single Life” by The Pink Mountaintops because it gets me going. But it was an mp3.


# Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Guy/Girl Friends: No, but until recently I always had more guy friends than girlfriends. Now it’s about even.
# Have You Ever Broken the Law: I’m sure I broke the speed limit yesterday. Oh wait, I couldn’t have because the 401 is just a massive ^$%*@ parking lot!
# Have You Ever Been Arrested: Not even once, never even close. My father in law should be happy to know that.
# Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: Oh yes. Once there was a Thai specialty drink involve. It was called “Bucket of Joy.” I should have known.
# Have You Ever Been on TV: Yup.
# Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn’t Know: Y’know, I can’t recall. Oh wait! I once got very tipsy at a bar back home and found myself at the end of the night kissing a local television sports caster. Wow, I just remembered that. I wish I hadn't.


# Things You’re Wearing: slippers, socks, underwear, the clothes mentioned before, and my claddagh ring, which is a stand-in for my marriage ring so I don’t ruin it.
# Things You’ve Done Today: Ate toasted pancakes, walked the dog, called work people, typed work emails, drank coffee. Thing I didn’t do: Remember to take my medication, dammit.
# Things You Can Hear Right Now: Quirks and Quarks podcast. It soothes me.
# Thing You Can’t Live Without: Er, food and water? Air's pretty cool, too. I'm not trying to be glib; it's hard to trust that we're getting good quality food, water and air anymore. I worry about this.
# Thing You Do When You’re Bored: I have a short attention span. I’ve learned to take short breaks and do something active, like clean something. That refocuses me.


# The couch (I gave up trying to sleep at 4AM)
# The dog park.
# The front deck (to get the mail)
# My desk


# Trevor
# My sisters, my good friends
# My Tarot cards


# Black or White: Depends. Black T-shirt, white sheets.
# Hot or Cold: Again, hot bath, cold bedroom.


# I’d be copying Schmutzie here. Instead I’ll say I want to build my own home from the ground up. And, find a location for that home, the kind of place I can fall in love with.

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