Monday, March 26, 2007

Kind Of A Food Theme **UPDATED**

Trevor's first attempt at bread, ever! It turned out pretty damn good. Crusty and soft in all the right places, much like him.

My mom sent me a package-a-la-Derbyshire for my birthday. The chocolate is already a memory. So is half of the shortbread.

Do my parents-in-law know me or what? I'm drooling just looking at the picture. Oh, what creations I shall make!

Not food related, but just as pleasant; my sister sent an iTunes gift card because she knows I've been suffering.

All is right.


TREVOR: of Mr Simpsons garage is the only one whos afraid
And to thy mangled bosom fondly prest Thus I touch the world saying too late
hear hear
Theyre the bluest you have seen back through time to meet them
take the pill or do
branches thick with That any gain The mountaln at a given distance

WORKING: What the hell are you talking about?

TREVOR: god i love engrish junk mail


WORKING: I sometimes wonder if it's a coded countdown to the end of the world.

TREVOR: and i just triggered it

TREVOR: oops

WORKING: Your bread has horns in the picture I took.

TREVOR: evil bread

WORKING: Bread of Demons

TREVOR: i'm not sure i'm crazy about the satan loaf

TREVOR: loafistopheles

TREVOR: i assumed that the amount of dough i made was for 2 loaves simply because i had 2 pans. but i think it should've been split further.

TREVOR: lucifer loaf.

TREVOR: beelzebread

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Blogger Jacqueline ~ 8:21 AM


I can't get my bread to rise a second time. It rises the first time, but then falls flat the second.

What am I doing wrong?  

Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 8:36 AM

TREVOR: jumping around too much?
TREVOR: i only made it the one time!
WORKING: Clearly.  

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