Thursday, March 01, 2007

I'm Back!!!!

I missed you, baby. I'll never leave you again.

The Lost Month:

- Month One of Project: Road To Wealth successfully under our belt. Biggest accomplishment - creating a week's worth of meals on $40. Bean stew was key.
- New job well under way. I work a lot of evenings and weekends, but I get to drive around the GTA and play with cameras.
- However, I've also managed to return the Autoshare car late twice. One more strike and my membership is 'under review'. I wonder if that's a record, suspended after a month of membership? Stupid 401.
- Last weekend, two wrap parties and an Oscar party. This weekend, Corrie Canuck celebrates the British Isles Show. I know! So much fun! I love socializing. Especially when television is involved, apparently.

Now, a word from our Trevor:

WORKING: Do you like your mix?
TREV: well, it seems very random. and it stops after several tracks
WORKING: I meant the snack mix I made for you.
TREV: ah the snack mix. i was just nibbling. it's good. although next time i might avoid the candied fruit. it just tastes weird with the wasabi powder on it.
WORKING: You mean the candied ginger?
WORKING: But ginger and wasabi are meant to be...
TREV: i like it, but we might need to make separate mixes
WORKING: why, what else didn't you like?
TREV: nothing. that was it. i love everything else
WORKING: So we need separate mixes just for that one thing?
TREV: i sense a "go f*ck yourself" in that question
WORKING: I always said you were astute.
TREV: i always said you were something else.

And now, a "how do you do" from the Three Musketeers:

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Blogger Schmutzie ~ 2:44 PM

Welcome back!  

Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 2:52 PM

Thank you! It's good to be back.  

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