Tuesday, March 20, 2007


WORKING: you got a letter from Canada Revenue Agency
TREVOR: great
WORKING: and the Mother Earth News gardening issue.
WORKING: what's the CRA one for?
TREVOR: no idea
WORKING: do we owe money? We can’t owe money yet.
TREVOR: we haven't even filed yet
WORKING: "you owe one billion dollars"
TREVOR: shit!
TREVOR: i don't quite have it
WORKING: "Honey! Check the jars!"
TREVOR: bust open the pig!
WORKING: Sell one of the cats!
TREVOR: sell ALL of the cats
TREVOR: and rent charlie out
TREVOR: hey, there's an idea
WORKING: rent her out for what?
TREVOR: like a doggy escort service
TREVOR: but not in a dirty way
TREVOR: just to be seen
WORKING: You think our dog's dateable?
TREVOR: for people who don't have a dog, or have a bad relationship with their dog. now, with Charlie, they can walk proudly down the street, getting compliments on what a sweet dog they have. maybe meet girls or guys. all for $200 an hour.
WORKING: She has that wonky eye...
TREVOR: it's endearing!
WORKING: It's probably infected!
TREVOR: $150 an hour then

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Anonymous Mari ~ 9:09 AM

That is funny stuff...Especially with the picture!  

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