Thursday, November 16, 2006

Neighbour Mystery

It's like Scorsese forgot what makes crime films interesting. And then he forgot what makes people interesting. And then he peed his pants and started storing his dentures in the production assistant's latté, but they just kept on shooting. Palinode

Now for a new neighbour mystery:
Here’s were I was going to link to an old entry I distinctly remember writing about my old neighbour. Something about “that partying whore woke me up again with her smoking and sexing and now I can’t sleep” (Edited:I was tired and very cranky when I wrote it. She was a nice girl). Only, I can’t find it so it was likely in an old blog. Which makes me wonder if I ever saved those entries?

Anyway, at one point we had an uncomfortable exchange with that neighbour, something like, “we can hear you going at it as though we are in the room.” Apparently she didn’t want us in the room because the sex stopped cold. It was moved off the premises. She never really looked us in the eye again. Then I realized I kind of missed the morning snoop through the curtains to see what gender and form was leaving the house.

She eventually fell in love with the most consistently seen guy and moved out. Enter New Neighbour – a shy, tall young man of olive complexion who rides his bike everywhere. He told me the two older ladies who helped him move were his aunts. One day, I found one of the aunts meticulously sifting through the old neighbour’s garbage, pulling out various size 0 sweaters and boots and other odds and ends. Odd, but not a mystery.

The mystery was that New Neighbour started getting mail from overseas addressed to him plus a woman, like “Joe and Rose Brown”. Only we know he moved in as a single guy. That’s what he told our landlord. Divorce? Widowed?

This week I started hearing two distinct voices up there and two different morning departures. This time I remembered to peek through the curtains. It was one of the aunts. She appears to live with him. Is that lady indeed Mrs. Joe Brown and he is ashamed of his May-December romance?

Well, at least they’re quiet.

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Anonymous Anonymous ~ 10:37 AM

Our building is full of young healthy folk, and every so often we can hear this one couple going at it like porn stars. Our bedroom is the best venue for listening in on their sexcapades. Sometimes we have to stifle our laughter, because the girl makes these "Oh yahhh" noises that sound like every cheesy '80s porn you ever watched.  

Anonymous Anonymous ~ 12:35 PM

Have you ever thought that they were exhibitionists and like you hearing them! They may feel power in knowing that you know they are getting 'some'. This is a reminder to all who co-exist and aren't exhibitionists - keep'er down!  

Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 12:58 PM

Palinode, my guess would be that woman in your building is faking it. A woman really enjoying herself hardly has to act, huh?

Anonymous, it'd crossed our minds. Especially when she brought a guy and a girl home the same night. "Now she's just showing off," Trev said.  

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