Friday, October 27, 2006

My Big Fat Greek Green Box

WORKING: You are not going to believe what our crazy neighbour did. Mrs. Nick.
TREVOR: what
WORKING: So I'm sitting here minding my own when suddenly I realize someone's on the front deck. So I look outside and it's her. She's taking our green bin.
WORKING: I'm thinking to myself, okay, they're probably washing it out they think we're so incompetent from that ONE time we forgot to put it out.
WORKING: But that wasn't it.
WORKING: She SWITCHED green bins because theirs had bird poop on it from the pigeons that live on their roof.
TREVOR: you gotta be kidding me
WORKING: Nope. We now have a bird poop covered green bin.
WORKING: Don't you think that's rude?
TREVOR: ridiculously rude. why didn't you call her on it?
WORKING: I am thinking about it. Then again, they cut our lawn for the entire summer.... We didn't ask them to but they did.
TREVOR: but we didn't ask. I hated that he did.
WORKING: Maybe I'll go switch it back to play with their minds....
TREVOR: you should
WORKING: I’m back. She wrote their address on it in black ink.
TREVOR: WHAT? She has since written their address on it?
WORKING: I think so. Or, theirs got switched with ours and ours got switched with the other neighbours.
TREVOR: so they were switching it back? Possible.
TREVOR: I'm sure I sharpied our address onto ours when we got it.
WORKING: Oh. Then ours is probably down the block somewhere.
TREVOR: I really wish you'd banged on the window to scare her off. People can't do shit like that. Total disrespect
WORKING: Ah screw it. Let's just move.

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