Tuesday, October 31, 2006


WORKING: You should see the bruise on my ass this morning. It's spectacular!
TREV: no thanks, I'll pass
WORKING: Do bruises make you squeamish? Or is it my ass?
TREV: its bruises on your ass. I try to think of you as my lovely wife. Not the soccer hooligan I live with
WORKING: (rolls eyes)
WORKING: You fell in love with me when my hobby was contact combat. I was on crutches for our first date.
WORKING: Think you might have gotten a clue somewhere along there?
TREV: yeah, that's true.
WORKING: Unfortunately, this spectacular bruise doesn't have a better story. I slipped on some icy steps.
WORKING: How very old lady.
TREV: ha ha
TREV: But you have a real dog bite! so not all is lost
WORKING: That's true!
WORKING: Only, I wish it was more spectacular.
WORKING: I'd trade the ass bruise for a more spectacular dog bite. You know, without losing digits.
TREV: of course. and not on your face
WORKING: Ooh! I could be called That Woman With the Scar on her Face (and Did You Hear it was a Labrador that did it?).
TREV: great. I can hide you in the attic.

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