Monday, September 25, 2006

Yeah, I'm Freakin' Out. So What?

I wrote this long post about how I'm trying not to sweat the small stuff. Only it sounded so bride’ish and dorky and false, I deleted it.

Look, I’m planning the biggest party I’ve ever planned. I’m spending more on it than I’ve ever spent on any one thing. It’s crazy to think I’m not going to freak out a bit. Come on people, I freak out when we’re hosting brunch.

Overall, things are going really well and I don’t have a lot to worry about. Our families are really there for us. Oh sure, I wish I was skinnier. I wish I knew that people are going to be fed well enough. I wish the hotel would put everything in writing already because it’s been six months since I booked everything and I don’t think having just one piece of written confirmation is too much to ask less than two weeks before the wedding.

But you know, the pressure is not the little stuff. The pressure comes from the feeling that everyone is checking the bride for cracks. I know because I’ve done it. To other brides, of course. Is she flipping out?

If I lose my temper the way I normally do, people are going to say the pressure’s getting to me. They'll raise their eyebrows at each other. Ooh look out! She's going bridezilla! I am not! It’s just me, Working. I’m an Aries. I always freak out. Then I get shit done, get it done well and ultimately enjoy myself in the end.

Maybe they won't think that. Maybe thinking they'll all be thinking that and therefore repressing any anxiety is a dorky bride thing to do. But I know that my temper can be hard on people. So I’m going to blow off steam in many trips to the pub. And try not to take it out on Trevor too much. If you care to join me, I’ll likely be at O’Hanlon’s more than once next week….

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Blogger schmutzie ~ 3:59 PM

I never drank more than in the two weeks before my wedding. Go to it. It worked for me.  

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