Monday, September 11, 2006

WIBT: Advice, Chringrish, Little Giant Girl, Movies

We had a great weekend. Favourite part - blind taste-tasting of champagne with M. & A., wherein the unexpected brand won out (it was meant to be the crap sample against which to compare the others), and then three movies at TIFF. I loved-loved-loved Confetti and thought Pan's Labyrinth was really well done. We were trying to see our friend Brian's third installment of his Saskatchewan series but somehow screwed it up completely.

Meanwhile, Where I've Been Today:

If You Want My Advice From Washington Post via

The best movies you’ve never seen. From Pajiba via

Lessons learned from 80’s cartoons via

The Seatle Craigslist sex scandal according to Violet Blue
(NSFW CAUTION: There are very naked lady bits) Via Boing Boing

Boing-Boing’s linguistic sleuthing some of the more problematic “Chingrish”
. It also refers to a previous post about how Beijing is trying to clean up the bad language for the Olympics.

Little Girl Giant You Tube via ZeFrank

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