Monday, September 18, 2006

Virus Strikes Bloggers

What the hell is going on out there? Three bloggers I like (entirely different Schmutzie’s list) have announced they’re closing up shop this week. That makes several eleventy dozen in the last week, give or take.

Maybe it's an autumn thing and they all think they have efficient, autumn living to get on with. Stacking wood and canning socks or something. No time to muse. Or some sort of weird illness has struck. Or it's a conspiracy and they're being obliterated, one by one. Who's next?

Whatever. I’m still here. I have nothing remotely interesting to say but I’m still here. Are you still there?

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Blogger schmutzie ~ 8:38 PM

I know! The internet is clearing itself of bloggers these days. It's very strange. What could be precipitating it?  

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