Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Long Weekend is Definitely Over

TREVOR: hey babe. Did you see what I did to the shower?
WORKING: No. What did you do?
TREVOR: I leaned in against the wall to turn it on, and my hand went thru the tiles.
WORKING: You're kidding.
TREVOR: nope. 2 are on the floor.
* * *
WORKING: Holy crap. The drywall is completely rotted and there is a very bad case of black mold.
TREVOR: nice.
TREVOR: I'm calling him right now
WORKING: Exposure to high levels of VOCs may irritate the mucous membranes and the central nervous system leading to symptoms of headaches, decreased attention span, difficulty in concentration, and dizziness.
TREVOR: lovely
WORKING: It's truly bad stuff. He needs to deal with it right now.
TREVOR: He's calling a contractor. In the meantime he's gonna come down this afternoon and cover the wall with some plastic sheeting.
WORKING: I can do that much.
* * *
TREVOR: he's going to come down today anyway and take a look. He's trying to get a contractor to come down ASAP as well.
WORKING: oh my god. Percy stinks.
TREVOR: what did he roll in?
WORKING: I didn't see it. It was in the bushes. But it was very dead and very ripe.
TREVOR: nice.

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Blogger James ~ 9:58 AM

I was watching a mold episode on Holmes on Homes. There are hundreds of different types of black molds and only two or three affect your health.

However, I'm almost certain you have one of those bad molds.

I hope your landlord guts the place to make sure it's all gone.  

Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 10:03 AM

I love that show.

I just read that the only way to know which one you have is to get it tested. We sleep down there, so I'm not taking any chances. They'll be under strict instruction to gut the place.

And I'll be mentioning that I watch Holmes on Homes and they'd better do a good job... or my Dad will kick their asses. All the way from Regina. He can do that.  

Anonymous Maurice Manhattan ~ 9:38 AM

Sorry to hear you have a mold problem. But be sure you find the source of the problem first, then you can go and get that black mold.

I use a organic black mold cleaning product, it may be of benefit for the situation. Or may even be used by the mold remediation companies... called Safe Shield and Molderizer.  

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