Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I'm Leaving Him

WORKING: Puzzle: What crumbles like a sugar cookie and has red sparkles?
TREVOR: no idea
WORKING: Whatever was in that empty little clear box left on the coffee table.
TREVOR: ?! How did you know that? I ate it already!
WORKING: Evidence, my dear man.
TREVOR: did I leave crumbs?
WORKING: What did you eat?
TREVOR: it was a sugar cookie WITH red sparkles. It was the takeaway gift from Jeff's wedding. It was very soft.
WORKING: So let me get this straight. You got to go to a wedding in Vancouver, eat and drink your face off while I stayed home and walked the dog and planned our wedding, and you didn't even share the cookie.
TREVOR: I'm....sorry?
WORKING: This is grounds for you being left at the altar. By me.
TREVOR: well, as long as its not ground for getting sacrificed at the altar
TREVOR: 'cause I'm not really down with that.
WORKING: Both options have crossed my mind.
TREVOR: the cookie was really stale?
TREVOR: and tasted like poo-poo?
WORKING: Don't lie. It only brings shame to your family.
TREVOR: I think there may even have been some blood on it.

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