Thursday, September 07, 2006


WORKING: Go to your email. I found him on Petfinder.
TREVOR: oh my freakin lord....
TREVOR: the mini Charlie
WORKING: He is exactly like Charlie. So, do I make an inquiry here?
TREVOR: are you serious?
WORKING: I don't joke about puppies. Not like this.
TREVOR: haha... think about it, babe. I would love to.
WORKING: Their siblings all died. He’s a rescue.
TREVOR: this is a really bad time to get another dog...
WORKING: Chances are he’s gone.
TREVOR: oh man, he is so cute
TREVOR: If this was just after the wedding, I'd say yes.
WORKING: But what if we can't get him until then anyway?
TREVOR: well, look into it then. I just don't want to be leaving M. & A. with a puppy on top of everything else while we're gone. After is not a problem.
TREVOR: but if we get it, this one IS NOT sleeping on the bed.
WORKING: In a way, I'm hoping he found a nice home.
TREVOR: me too.
WORKING: Why did I go to that site? Why?
WORKING: I just knew I was going to see him. I skimmed all the cutest puppies because I just knew.
TREVOR: are you heartbroken now?
WORKING: Heartbroken? Why?
WORKING: If he's found a good home, I'm super happy. If he's available, I'm....
TREVOR: ha...gotcha
WORKING: How will you feel if he's available?
TREVOR: sorry
TREVOR: I'm uncertain
TREVOR: he's gorgeous. he's a mini Charlie. I just dunno. But its the same dunno as I had before we got Charlie
TREVOR: so whatever that means
WORKING: I know what you mean.
WORKING: It's just been such a positive experience with Charlie. We've done a good job.
TREVOR: I'm just trying hard enough to keep my eye on the ball in terms of what we've gotta do in the next few weeks. This seems to call for more headspace that I don't have
WORKING: Well, life happens in chaotic spurts.
TREVOR: I mean, would Charlie change? Would she like him? How much more can Kiwi take?
WORKING: The point will be moot if this puppy isn't available.
WORKING: Oh shit:
Yes he is still available, you are about 3 1/2 hours away and we don't have a problem with that if you don't mind traveling to meet/pick him up. -- Pet Rescue Agency
TREVOR: uh oh
TREVOR: I bet Matt would drive us to get it….
WORKING: What do you think?
TREVOR: ask me again when I get home. I'm really swamped right now. I'd say no just so I don't have to think about it. But he is gorgeous and we'd give him a great home, so that makes me lean to yes

* * *

UPDATE: The landlord said no. That pretty much decided it. And yes, I'm heartbroken. But it's probably for the best.

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