Friday, September 29, 2006

Countdown - 9 Days

I’m showered, dressed, I have my face on and Trevor’s proposed to me three times in a row. All before 9AM. We are filming segments for our wedding video. The creative vibe is reminiscent of those last minute, all-nighter papers in University.

I’m not such a fan of those teeth whitening strips. They’ve made my teeth so sensitive that I’m having trouble drinking my coffee. No one messes with the bridal coffee nine days before the wedding. Also, I’m slightly pissed that it’s $50 in the garbage.

Last night I caught a show on a western feed that turned out to be Regina’s CTV. The universe is preparing me for the prairies. I am now up to date on some local events and Tara Robinson’s latest hairstyle.

Oh, my morning smoothie was just set in front of me. This is going to hurt.

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Blogger Naomi ~ 6:50 AM

I've never tried the teeth whitening strips...but I bleached my arm hair before my wedding!  

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