Thursday, September 28, 2006

Countdown - 10 Days

WORKING: If you're feeding Charlie, can you please remember to take more food out to thaw?
TREVOR: oh crap. I was about to after I fed her last night and got sidetracked. Sorry.
WORKING: I totally forgot too. That request was for me as well.
TREVOR: well (harumph!) I should hope so
WORKING: But it's dorky to say, "Trevor and Working, could you please remember to take out meat for Charlie?"
WORKING: Then again, it's worse to chastise just one of us. From now on I shall remind us both.
TREVOR: So from now on, "us" and "we" shall actually mean "Trevor, you useless waste of space"
TREVOR: Frankly, I think Charlie needs to take the initiative.

* * *
For all my previous whining, I’ve pulled out the bridal card more than I care to admit. It just got rid of the renovators who’ve been here for three weeks. No one questions you when you say certain words like “wedding” and “stress.” Helps if you pull out the dress as evidence.

I wonder what it will get me out of today?

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Blogger James ~ 4:54 PM

Ten days???? I can't take the pressure! I'm going on a diet.  

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