Monday, June 26, 2006

Wanna Burger with Your Exibitionism?

Friday night, we found ourselves with Matt, Adrienne and Day on a secluded patch of sand on the island. We’d dragged a picnic table right to the edge of the water. Matt and Adrienne magically rigged up a grill over our impromptu fire pit, which crackled with the wood we’d colleted on the walk to the other side of the island. They served burgers and salad and cold Moosehead beer. Masses of black coloured birds skimmed silently in long lines over the water. Sailboats and a soft sunset. Silence. I could almost believe we’d left the city entirely,

Except for the curtain of smog in the distance. Oh, and the nude guy.

He appeared from behind an outcrop of bushes and driftwood and stood on the edge of our little piece of beach until he caught my eye. He gestured slightly – could he walked through? My brain had stopped momentarily so I nodded. He padded slowly along the sand. We all pretended there wasn’t a naked East Indian guy walking within inches of our antipasto.

“Thank God we’re not eating hot dogs,” Trevor broke the silence after he was out of earshot.
“Do you think he shaves?” Day asked.

20 minutes later, the naked guy returned, only this time he stopped.
“This isn’t part of the nude beach?” He asked. We looked at each other. Adrienne had slipped off her sandals, so maybe that’s where he got confused. “No, it isn’t.”
“Oh, very sorry. Can I have a glass of water?”
I was eye-level with the equipment God gave him so I quickly shifted my gaze, or at least I think I was quick about it. I’d had 3 beers already.

He thanked us and moved along. When we saw him again, he was on the ferry and fully clothed but I’ll always remember him naked. Whether I want to or not.

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