Wednesday, June 21, 2006

In-Laws and Godparents

I got a brief email from an ex-boyfriend’s parents, just saying hi and passing along an article they thought would be of interest. He and I broke up 4 ½ years ago. They say they still think of me. I liked them. I would have liked to keep them as, well, not exactly in-laws. Maybe today’s version of Godparents (now with 74% less God)?*

I have the best in-laws coming to me. Seriously. My in-laws will fight your in-laws any day and beat them soundly. Come October, I believe they’ll be legally bound to defend me because, you know, it's IN LAW(and won’t they be happy to know I’ve just volunteered them for a rumble). Traditionally, I become their problem now (Working's dad breathes a sigh of relief. Two down, six to go...).

Now, where did I put my tea?

* My real Godparents, who I recall meeting once, had seven kids, divorced and he became a homeless drug addict. I haven’t asked if they’re still Catholic. Seems sort of irrelevant.

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Blogger James ~ 4:08 PM

I think there's a god parent curse. I hardly ever saw my god parent's and the god mom's we have for our son were once good friends but have disappeared from our lives since. Choose someone you don't like!

I comment a lot here, don't I?  

Anonymous Anonymous ~ 10:44 PM

Chris says:
Your parents are my god parents....hmmmm...what does this mean?  

Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 6:32 AM

Dear Chris: Neither of them are Catholic anymore. So sorry that your eternal soul is doomed to hell. Our bad! -- Working  

Anonymous Anonymous ~ 10:46 AM

Chris says:
No worries -- I think I will be in good company...there's a lot of really nice Buddhists in Cambodia...  

Anonymous Anonymous ~ 6:02 PM

Im thinking very seriouly leaven my bestfriend and his wife to be in 2 month as my 2 childern as there godparents my childern look up at them as a role modle because they go and tell them things that they would never talk to me about and I thank god everyday for someone like that so my childern wont keep nothing bottled up in side see I dont have no one like that both of my parents are dead so if I have a problem I dont have anyone to run to  

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