Monday, June 05, 2006

How to get me to rip my top off, quick-like

WORKING: I just poured hot tea down the front of my shirt. I actually burned myself.
TREV: Oh shit. Are you ok?
WORKING: It just hurts.
TREV: Put some cream on it.
WORKING: Good idea. Or butter.
TREV: No not butter!
WORKING: eeps. It hurts. I'm so dumb.
TREV: Butter will make it worse
WORKING: Really? I thought it helped.
TREV: No no. It traps the heat inside and continues the burning. Cold cream or aloe vera is your best bet.
TREV: Something that your skin absorbs
WORKING: I can’t believe I have a tea-related injury.

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Blogger James ~ 2:35 PM

Suddenly this is a porn blog?  

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