Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Because I Promised to Blog More Often

WORKING: Do you have a lot of the email addresses you need for the wedding notice?
TREV: Most. My parents will have the others, I'm sure.
WORKING: Shall we compile them now?
TREV: How about tonight?
WORKING: Of course, we were going to talk about the cable bill last night and didn't. Remind me to remind you.
TREV: Remind me to remind you to remind me.
WORKING: right.
TREV: Need a reminder for that?
WORKING: yes please.

* * *

WORKING: Hey, there's nothing I need to do for your recipe tonight, is there?
TREV: no, the ingredients magically congregate on their own. Then, after a complex and very mysterious dance, they commit ritual suicide, sacrificing their own unique qualities for the good of our culinary needs. It’s a recipe that could cure hunger in Africa, but I’m thinking, what's in it for me?
TREV: but, if you're curious, its pg 166 Cooking Light, March 2006.
TREV: hello? Are you there?
WORKING: I was putting laundry in the machine. But ha ha.

* * *

WORKING: Adrienne and Matt wanna know if we want to go for a picnic on Center Island on Friday.
TREV: No. I hate Adrienne. I hate Matt. I hate picnics, islands AND Fridays. So tell them yes.
WORKING: Gotcha.
WORKING: Boy, you are in a mood today.
TREV: nah, I'm fine.

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