Thursday, April 20, 2006

Working Woes

Oh it’s been ages since my last entry. I’ve been sulking. After four months of unemployment I now have to get used to multiple contracts at once, a new schedule that leaves little time for Tarot or naps, and a brain that screams I don’t wanna no less than 60 times a day.

So I used my sister’s visit last weekend as an excuse to rebel in every sense – shopping, eating, general lazing around. It was wonderful. It really helped me relax about this whole working thing. I mean, how bad is it really? Not that bad.

In Marriage News, Trevor and I have entered the murky territory of the ‘pre-marital financial disclosure.’ Turns out I’m the irresponsible financial teenager in this relationship. Trevor has a cheery outlook on the whole thing, that we can have big goals despite past mistakes. Maybe because of past mistakes. I want us to start this marriage with a plan and some good habits (and I'm talking to YOU, Working).

So I’m going to stop whining about it keep up this momentum of working.

Even if it feels like the sky is falling on my head sometimes.

Thanks for listening.

P.S. All of you trying to work out the coffee pot code, it hasn't given us any new signs. Perhaps the mutiny has been cancelled. I'll keep you posted.

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