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I was a meme virgin until Schmutzie tagged me. So here goes:

Six Weird Things About Me

1. When I was 10, I used to have to bath in a tin tub in the middle of the kitchen floor, heated by water from the paraffin stove. And I was fine with it. Now, I can’t get up the courage to have a simple bath in our own tub. The bathtub must be very clean (and that means to the touch – no soap scum). There must be no mold in the grout. And none of that gunky black stuff in the corners. But most of all it can’t be in the basement, which is essentially the biggest problem with ours. I just can’t do basement bathtubs. I can shower but only if the shower curtain NEVER touches me. Ugh.

2. I can’t remember names or faces. Ask me to picture someone I’ve met about ten times, I’ll only be able to conjure up a vague impression of them. I can, however, distinguish between 5 different Golden Retrievers at the park.

3. I really enjoy Lynn Johnson’s For Better Or For Worse. It’s not as edgy as it once was, but I still read the strip faithfully. A while ago I realized it was because growing up, it represented what happy, balanced people were supposed to be like.

4. My stuff takes over. Trevor does this imitation of me arriving to visit. I set the suitcase on the bed and poof! Socks and underwear float from the ceiling and come to rest on various surfaces. He says that’s how I unpack.

5. I set a teabag to steep and walked away. An hour later I found it cold so I boiled more water, set the teabag to steep and walked away. An hour later, repeat. And this is a typical day for me.

6. Despite my slovenly ways, I’m very picky about how dishes are washed by hand. I prefer scalding hot water for both the wash and rinse. And if you’re not doing it right, I will sit there pretending not to be really uncomfortable.

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Blogger James ~ 7:51 AM

How can I narrow it down to just six?

First off, I want to say that this is my favourite post of yours. It's always nice to learn something about the person blogging.

1. I too have many cleanliness eccentricities. I don't like bugs being near food or where food might ever be prepared. Once, ONCE, many, many years ago, my partner and I had food bugs in our apartment. She said she found one in a Kraft Dinner box. I never even saw it but since then I store Kraft Dinner in the fridge--before it's made! I'm getting better, I only do it now in the summer.

2. I started regaining all my weight back because of above said problem. In my Toronto bachelor suite, I had roaches. This, of course, drove me mad. I preferred to walk across the street and buy a bucket of ice cream for supper than cook in a kitchen where there's been alive or dead roaches on counters and in sinks. Bugs are bad to begin with, but roaches? Are you kidding me? Most disgusting thing ever created by God.

3. Porn turns me on. There, it's all out there now. How 'bout that? Not an addict or anything, I'm just saying.

4. I shower several times a day most days. I'm not a clean freak, I just perspire easily.

5. I prefer soft drinks (Diet Pepsi) over any beverage, including good wines. I order hamburgers at The Keg and am very happy with my meal.

6. I'm a nudist.

Thank you.  

Blogger The Mincemeat Vixen ~ 12:04 PM

#5? Yeah, I do this about ten times a day. Then, if I do manage to actually MAKE the tea, I drink half and then leave the half empty milky cups all over the house.  

Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 12:08 PM

Me too! And then I knock them over on valuable documents. BTW, great site!  

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