Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Let Me Just Grab My Swimsuit

TREV: how's your morning?

WORKING: Good. Getting going. Just finished the dishes. Wanted to listen to The Current, doing a special on The Pill.

TREV: oh yeah?

WORKING: It's interesting.
WORKING: Just as confusing as Raw Dog Food.
WORKING: It's a carcinogenic according to the WHO. Contributes to breast cancer, yet prevents ovarian cancer.
WORKING: I'm really starting to think no one really knows anything about anything.
WORKING: Including myself.

TREV: ha

WORKING: Any email from The Landlord?

TREV: oh yes... I'll forward it to you so you can print.

WORKING: Damn, printer's down. Ink.
WORKING: I may have to run to Staples today.

TREV: are you really going to run?

WORKING: I might...?

TREV: sorry, just being simple

WORKING: I CAN run, you know.
WORKING: Watch me.

TREV: sure
TREV: right
TREV: whatever


TREV: its like Baywatch

WORKING: Put your glasses on, old man.

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