Sunday, April 30, 2006

Kiwi, 2001 to 20--

He went missing yesterday morning. At the time, we didn’t know he was missing, of course – we just assumed he was out causing shit around the neighbourhood. We only felt something was really wrong when we came home from Mozartballs and he still wasn’t home. Kiwi doesn’t miss supper.

I can’t count the number of times I went to the back door last night. We even walked around the block calling for him. I’ve had this cat for four years. He is not an affectionate lap cat, but he keeps close to us. He even runs to meet Trevor at the bus stop.

This morning I sat on the back deck in the early morning sun, feeling sad. Still no Kiwi. The yard seemed so empty without that cheerful ‘brrrrdt!’ response to my call, the sound of a heavy form flinging himself over fences and squeezing under wire to get to me.

“Charlie,” I called the dog over. She stared at me with her big, brown, honest eyes. “Charlie, where’s Kiwi?” She looked toward our neighbour’s house.

Back inside, I took out the cards. I had a reading to do for a family member anyway, so I did a quick spread.
Q: “Is he dead?”
A: “Probably”

Q: “Will I ever see him again?”
A: “Definitely not.”

Reduced to miserable acceptance, I got on with my other reading. Suddenly, a knock at the door....

It was the first time I’d been over to the neighbour’s house and I tried not to look around too obviously.
“Yeah, I think he’s down here,” the dad said sleepily, pointing to the basement.
“I told them it was Kiwi!” announced the little boy triumphantly.
“He has been crying all night but he won't come out,” said the Grandma worriedly.
“I pounded on your door last night. You weren't home,” said the Grandpa judgementally.

I called out his name and from the depths of a small room filled to the brim with stuff came a desperate response. I could see two bright, yellow orbs coming out to me. My baby. Not flattened by a car.

In the end, I don’t know what to think about my Tarot reading skills. But I have a new respect for the dog.

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Anonymous Incurable Insomniac ~ 3:23 AM

I'm so glad your Kiwi is safe and sound! And I jope you enjoyed Mozartballs.  

Anonymous Incurable Insomniac ~ 3:24 AM

Hope, not Jope. LOL.  

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