Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Dumb Ass Move

Picture this: you hug and thank your friends, kiss their babies and wave goodbye as you pull out of their driveway. So far, a promising beginning to the 8-hour drive between Cincinnati and Toronto.

However, the very first turn you take is a wrong turn (10 minute delay). Then you exit on the wrong highway and almost end up in Columbus (20 minute delay). But you are finally on your way. You drive and drive and drive. Suddenly, 20 minutes on the other side of Toledo you panic. You’ve just realized you left your purse, with the passports and all your ID, money, cards, the cell phone, BACK IN CINCINNATI. You have no choice but to turn around (4 hour delay).

You and your loved one make light of the situation in front of your friends (and use their bathroom). But 2 hours later, when you point out that you’ve only just reached the place where you finally stopped screaming “FUCK!!!!” before, your loved one doesn’t laugh. You realize it’s going to be a long mutherfarking day.

Glad to be home.

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