Monday, March 27, 2006

Wedding Brain

We got engaged less than a week ago. Suddenly my brain was replaced by a 24-hour bridal channel. It’s all wedding-wedding-wedding, my personal version of hell and I can’t stop it. Who have I become? Are a meringue dress and floral arrangements in my future after all?

Not if I can bloody help it.

On the plus side, the wedding is basically planned from start to finish. We know what and when, just figuring out the how and where. I’ve even named my Maid of Honor*. So God willing, by Canadian Thanksgiving this will all be over and we will be onto the next phase of our lives, one in which telemarketers will still ask, “Is this Mrs. A---?” and I’ll still hang up, even though I will indeed be Mrs. A--.**

Now to the point of this entry. Of the weddings you’ve been to, especially your own, what did you like about them? What didn’t you like about them?

* You know you picked the right MoH when a day later she sends you a complete "critical path", which is essentially an event action plan. It made Trevor break out in a sweat, though.
** Technically. I haven’t decided on the whole name issue. My name with his last name actually doesn’t work so well. He doesn’t really care either way. Whole lotta bloody help he is.

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Blogger Naomi ~ 12:14 PM

About the name change thing. You will be called "Mrs. Trev A -" which you surely must admit is odious. It derives from the times that women belonged legally to their husbands, as did all their assets and their children. Let's not recreate that. Keep your name.

I liked the fact that I didn't have other people like caterers and decorators doing my wedding for me (other than the dishes...). But I assume you wouldn't do the whole "wedding planner" thing. I liked having exact control over what the ceremony said. I did not like the fact that people left too early.  

Blogger James ~ 5:15 PM

I hate weddings more and more as I get older. Especially after living through so many friends' weddings and the subsequent divorces. When I was young, I wasn't so jaded. But I don't think I'd want to bring up a daughter to think of her wedding as some sort of fairytale episode in her life. Everyone I know has gone through hell preparing for their weddings. The expression on the bride's faces during the ceremonies have been disturbing in some cases. I know it'd be almost impossible to relax but it seems like a year of stress to put on a show for other people, not yourself.

The wedding I liked most was Kevin's, even though they too had problems with family, and a JP injecting religion into the ceremony unexpectantly. It was non-traditional, a happy gathering of friends and family in a relaxed setting.

To me it's about the party and getting people together. My partner has more traditional expectations of what a wedding should be. But to be honest, I just don't understand the whole thing. And it's not like I didn't play with Barbies when I was kid. And teenager.

I suppose I won't get invited to the wedding now. Well that's just great.  

Blogger schmutzie ~ 1:07 PM

All I can suggest is that you refuse to use "Mrs" and go with "Ms". As far as I'm concerned, Mrs should be thrown out with all the old racial and gender slurs.  

Anonymous Anonymous ~ 2:18 PM

I hate sitting at someone's wedding and trying to figure out how much money they could have put twds their mortgage instead of putting on an over the top show. I also hate having a 3 hr break between the ceremony and the reception. Best advice I got when I got married: no one is as excited about your wedding as you are.  

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