Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sweet Sunday

A quick update:

The fast has ended. We ended it after midnight with pieces of bread slathered in peanut butter and jam. Wanna appreciate food again? Overdose on fruits and veggies for 6 days straight. It was the best goddamned piece of bread I’ve ever eaten and as close to enlightenment as I came during the whole experience.

And this cup of coffee sitting beside my computer just single handedly ended a 5 day-long headache. Oh, blessed, blessed elixir of the gods! I hate that I need it. But here I am functioning, alert and pain-free. So what can I do?

In other news, I took the job. Mostly because I couldn't think of a decent reason not to, and "I don't wanna work!" isn't a decent reason for a person in my financial situation. In April, I start the new gig that will last until December. I don’t know what I’m in for. It could be more of the same, it could be jumping into the deep end. But it promises to allow me time to write and that’s what’s important right now.

On that note, I’m going to walk the dog, do the dishes, finish my laundry, and a whole assortment of other things that will likely distract me from ever sitting down to write today. I’m my own worst enemy. I'd go into it, but I usually save it for Write Group, where a pint of Caffrey's * helps the purging of sins.

Trev and Matt have done it again!

*pictured in can form. I prefer it draft. And it should be mentioned that I tasted my first pint of this, my favourite beer, while visiting with my friend Naomi at the Blarney Stone in Regina. A moment of silence for the Blarney Stone.

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