Monday, March 06, 2006

Pizza and Tissues

I have a sinus infection and a (paid) project due by the end of the day. These things are putting a serious damper on my unemployment.

I won't talk about the Oscars except to mention that the host of the party we attended had friends visiting from Home. These friends brought pizza from Home. Just for the Oscar party. A pizza delivery that spanned 2800 km's (1741 miles).

Worth it? Oh hell yes. Half of the people at the party are from Home and we almost wept to see the very pizzas we can't shut up about. The other half of the guests had no clue what the fuss was. Until they tasted the pizza.

The host was a little disappointed - "They should be bleeding!" he lamented (he meant sauce). It doesn't matter - they were still good. Fun had by all.

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Blogger Naomi ~ 6:27 PM

Cough it up - where was the pizza from? I have my hypothesis.  

Blogger Working From Home Today ~ 6:45 PM

A place called "Sparky's"? Supposedly used to own a Western Pizza, which is of course good pizza. Had they brough a 'spinach 'n feta' from the Copper Kettle, however, I probably would have fainted. Then revived quickly to fight viciously for far more than my fair share. That's probably why they didn't get a Copper Kettle pizza.  

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