Thursday, March 09, 2006

It's too Early For Boobs, I Mean, Conversations

WORKING: Phrase of the day - "acting Dread Pirate Parton" for Dolly Parton.
TREV: what does that mean?
WORKING: She looks like a pirate? I dunno. I just thought it was funny.
WORKING: It was here.
TREV: I see no Dolly
TREV: I see Pam Anderson though... wow
TREV: those are big
WORKING: Get past the breasts to the underlying paragraph, wherein you'll find a comparison to Dolly Parton.
TREV: oh wait, there it is
TREV: I was stuck on the boobs
WORKING: No kidding.
TREV: ah, I get it now
TREV: funny
TREV: now back to the boobies
WORKING: I'm blogging you just for that.
TREV: oops

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