Thursday, March 16, 2006

I Need Something Fried. Stat.

I’ve been feeling like shit for three days. Even today, I have this tight band around my head and this strange urge to pop out my eyeballs, put them on ice, and pop them back in. I reread the ‘symptoms to expect’ from the Inner Klean Diet and yes, headaches and nausea are mentioned. But nothing about hot eyeballs. 3 ½ more days to go! Yay!

I was laid off shortly after I started this blog. I assumed this blog would therefore end up misnamed because I would inevitably have to leave my house and go into the Big Bad World to find a job. No more working from home. And dog walkers would have to be hired and Metro passes purchased and would there be a place to buy a decent cuppa tea at my new job as a [insert title here]? Oh my. The anxiety.

But that scenario may not unfold because, well, I have an offer on the table to work from home on the second season of a fairly successful little TV show. The offer came to me very serendipitously. They need my answer today.

- I could do it in my sleep (Yes, I realize I just jinxed myself).
- I would make terrific contacts in a city and industry that can otherwise seem impenetrable.
- It’s an established company with very cool projects.
- I would get to work from home, keep my own hours.
- I would be creatively involved in the show, get to go to story meetings with multiple directors.
- Way less pressure and responsibility for approximately the same income as my last job.

- I’m over qualified. I had this title 3 years ago. My ego protests!
- Part of me really wanted to start leaving my house every day.
- Another part of me thinks unemployed suits me.
- No vacation until (gasp) December! I know I’ve been unemployed for the better part of four months but it’s not the same as GOING somewhere! It isn’t! Whine-whine-whine!
- What about the tarot? Of course, this way I could actually afford my little obsession….

You can see the pros and cons are evenly divided. The decision is overwhelming. I feel weak from lack of both coffee and anything half decent to eat.

I must rest. Maybe eat an (ugh) apple.

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Anonymous Tina ~ 12:31 PM

Tough choice, if you don't want the job I'll take it. Ha! ha!  

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