Thursday, March 23, 2006

Funny Man, My Fiancé UPDATED

WORKING: I’m so glad we’re engaged.
TREV: I’m glad we’re engaged, too, honey.
WORKING: And no overwhelming feelings that asking me was the wrong thing to do?
TREV: Some underlying feelings, but no overwhelming feelings.

Regarding the ring. The one presented at the time was a massive 'ringer ring' (heh), meant in to sparkle madly on my left hand until a suitable replacement was found. We spent all day shopping and I confirmed that I don't really care for diamonds.

The most inspiring stone I saw was a star sapphire. But I don't want it with diamonds, which seems to be the only way they set them. So we found a local jewelry artist who will bring in some star sapphires for me to chose from, then draw up some designs for a setting in white gold. Meanwhile, I've replaced the ringer with my Claddaugh ring because I kept scratching myself with the big sparklies.

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