Monday, February 27, 2006

Whirlwind Weekend

Things that truly rocked about my weekend:

• Kingston, ON, and specifically the area around Queens
• Rediscovering Venus in Furs by The Velvet Underground
• Nailing 4 out of 5 Tarot readings (my first for other people)
• The fact that Trev’s sister Kerri's new fiancé, Jihao, is a very cool guy.
• Their friend Amanda’s decadent double-chocolate torte
• Being carded in the Kingston LCBO. I turn 30 next month. Ha!
• At this same magical, mystical LCBO, finding Sumac Ridge Gewurztraminer and immediately purchasing 5 bottles (because Toronto doesn't believe in BC wines). Oh right, gotta pay Trev back….
• A truly beautiful 20-minute power nap on Sunday. I’ve been known to nap but this was just one of those rare ones, completely refreshing and energizing.
• Waking up from power nap to a delicious Thai and fresh dumpling lunch because Kerri and Jihao and Amanda ROCK so much.

Things that really kind of sucked about the weekend:

• Blowing the 5th Tarot reading. It was for someone’s love life, an unfortunate time to completely suck. In my defense, my brain was total mush. I probably should have taken a break first. Lesson learned.
• Hitting a blizzard on the 401. I seriously though I was going to get us killed.
• The fact that Kiwi-the-cat seemed to deteriorate in overall condition during our mere 30+ hours away. Thankfully his coat returned to normal within two hours of our reunion.
• Getting carded at LCBO was great, sure, but realizing I forgot my ID was freakin' humiliating. I had to ask my boyfriend to pull for me! Because I'm 30 going on 15! I should have gotten a bottle of Baby Duck .
“Kingdom of Heaven” What the hell was that, besides a horrific mess?
• The fact that our lovely weekend is already over. Bye weekend! We'll miss you!

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Anonymous Anonymous ~ 9:37 PM

Hey didn't blow that last I recall
...that ship had more to be said. Oh, by the way...with respect to the High Priestess, Jiahao and I thought more about the wedding...decided to wait until that will give everyone time to save their money for the Taiwan wedding (but we will still join you in Korea)..peace out. k-dawg  

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