Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Wednesday's Who's-Who

TREV: my new iPod is making me paranoid
TREV: I don't want anyone to steal it. I don't change the volume or the track when other people are around. It’s weird.
TREV: I just keep it in my pocket
WORKING: Hmm. That new toy paranoia will likely wear off, huh?
TREV: I think so
WORKING: Especially when the new iPod comes out next week.
WORKING: The one that brings you the news and makes you coffee.
TREV: haha
TREV: and wipes your bum-bum
WORKING: You're going to have a cardboard box full of used iPods.
WORKING: That sounds dirty.
TREV: but sort of hot. in a postmodern cyborg way
* * *
TREV: the lead singer from the Watchmen is here
WORKING: really?
TREV: he's composing music for one of our shows. He's going over a cut.
TREV: I guess that's what he does now
WORKING: I'm sorry to report there are no lead singers in our kitchen.
TREV: I know, I've been meaning to talk to the Landlord about that.
* * *
WORKING: Just called N-the-dog-walker.
TREV: and?
WORKING: She'll probably take Charlie on for next week while I’m gone. But she's having a rough time.
WORKING: She's been in Edmonton. Her brother was one of the soldiers hurt in Afghanistan. Crazy, huh?
TREV: no way
WORKING: So she's not feeling 100%.
WORKING: I mean, she just mentioned it lightly, as in, "I'll probably still take your dog on." She just wants to check her schedule.
WORKING: She's going to call a bit later. She was out walking a dog.

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