Friday, February 24, 2006

Such a Fool

It’s been a weird week. I feel like the Fool’s footprints are all over it.

Did I mention I took up the Tarot again? I got seriously stumped in my writing a couple weeks ago and in a frustrated attempt to distract myself, I threw myself into Tarot study. I’m fascinated by the symbols, the mystery, the history. How it inspires me to spend money I don’t have. I ordered books, bought the Rider-Waite deck so I could understand the books (everything’s about the Rider-Waite deck. Even people who dismiss it have to refer or compare to it). And it worked - creative block loosened, brain functioning, energy renewed.

So here’s an example of where the Fool comes in: I read that he / she is sometimes known as the trickster. Within minutes of posting my last entry about not wanting to work again, I got a phone call about a job the ol’ trickster knew I wouldn’t refuse. They wanted me to write a test. In my sheer surprise, I forgot to ask crucial questions like ‘what kind of test?’ When I showed up, in fact two tests were planted in front of me – Grammar and Spelling.

See, Fool tricks you with a carrot, then reminds you of your weaknesses. That’s the whole point. What’s the lesson? First, I see my 8th grade English teacher shaking her finger at me, saying, “see? Should have paid attention.” Oh, it's probably deeper than that - something about releasing expectations, shattering fantasies for a more realistic view. Sure, I could pick up some grammar books and actually read those Word of the Day emails I get so that I’m better prepared if there is a next time.

Or, I could just buy more Tarot gear. Yes, yes. Way more fun.

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