Monday, February 20, 2006

Really Naked People

It took us three attempts. Three times we caught the #’s 72 and 25 busses and headed up to Don Mills.

On the first trip, we waited in line only to find out it was sold out for the day. Pissed off and cursing Toronto for being so full of people, we left.

On the second trip, the bus windows were so muddy that we couldn’t see and got off a stop too early. I didn't wear a toque so I froze my face. We arrived in time for another long line. Then:
“Dammit, look! It’s sold out again!”
“What should we do?”
“I don’t know. This fucking sucks. We should just give up. This isn’t meant to be.”
“Excuse me. Are you two looking for tickets?”
“Really? Sure! How much?”
“That’s a deal…. Wait - why aren’t you going?”
“We’re tired. We’re going home.”
“Uh, okay. Here’s $20.”
The guy disappears.
“Wait a second, these aren’t for the show! These are for a stupid Omnimax movie!”
“Goddamn you, Swindler!” But it was too late.

The third trip. We wised up and bought advanced tickets so we were guaranteed entry. Still we arrived 45 minutes early. We were second in line. We paid extra for the special audio devices and elbowed our way in. The place was packed to capacity. It was hard to see some of the exhibits. But after all that, we finally got to see people with their skins off .

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