Saturday, February 04, 2006

Not As Dark As I Thought

Some memories from Day 1:

- A 39 year-old woman flying to Calgary to pick out a dress for her girlfriend’s wedding. She already missed her young daughters. As we parted ways at Calgary airport, she said, “Jesus wants me to tell you he is real.”
- On that same flight in the seat ahead of me was a man in his mid to late 20s taking digital photos of one blond flight attendant. He must have taken at least a dozen shots of her as she leaned over to hand people their drinks.
- Sitting at Calgary airport in a very crowded waiting area when over the loudspeaker came the blaring announcement, “would the person who forgot a black jacket and a big bag of chips please return to customs security.” Repeated 4 times. I wrapped the chips in the jacket and tried to look casual returning to the waiting area.
- My only real impression of Seattle, a seagull with orange legs standing on an airplane.
- My last flight of the day, a lucky last minute flight after ours was delayed, delayed, delayed again, then cancelled. Squished between two old guys. Someone farting. The guy to my right with no sense of personal space and really horrible, day old coffee breath expelled in loud, unsuppressed yawns.
- First impressions of Anchorage, intense, snow-crunching, jacket crackling, sinus clearing COLD. It’s been awhile.
- Completely exhausted, falling asleep with a bag of Old Dutch Popcorn Twists snagged in Calgary.
- The bright pink light of sunrise over the snowy mountains. Spruce boughs heavy with snow.

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