Thursday, February 02, 2006

Going Dark

A vcry quick update as it’s already 8:56 pm and I still have to download the Northern Exposure soundtrack and watch Coronation Street….

- Dad is doing great. He felt a hundred times better just having the bones in his face put back in place.
- I leave for Anchorage, Alaska at 6 AM tomorrow. Well, the plane leaves at 8:15. I’ve got to get myself to the airport in time.
- What am I doing there? Actual work! Paid work!
- The travel memo says I gain 4 hours. Can that be right?
- I HATE flying. HATE, HATE, HATE flying. So of course it takes 4 separate flights to get there....

Wish me luck. I won't be updating for the next 7 days or so. I expect big things on your blogs in the meantime. Get to work!

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Blogger Naomi ~ 9:22 PM

Y'know, I just looked up Canadian time zones to figure out what time it was in Montreal, and Alaska is 4 hours different from you. Crazy.

Have fun! Come back with stories!  

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