Thursday, February 16, 2006


Available for immediate sale:

One nearly two-year-old female dog. 60+ lbs.. Short labrador coat, border collie colouring, beagle body, spaniel head and hound ears. Enjoys her ball, long, long runs, peeing on concrete and her ball.

Slight flatulence.* Otherwise perfect in every way.

Oh, comes with companion cat.

* 12:02 PM: “Charlie! That’s gross!”
1:38 AM “Jeezus, Charlie!”
2:00 AM “Oh for the love of God!”
2:15 AM “I can’t breathe. I can’t BREATHE!”
3:04 AM “Fuuuuuck! Get OFF the bed, Charlie.”
3:06 AM “I didn’t mean go on the floor by our heads. Oh! Shit! Charlieeeee!”
8:00 AM “’Mornign babe. Rough night, huh?
“Completely polluted.”
“What should we do?”
“We could try changing her food again. Get her tested for worms. Again.”
A look of understanding passes between them.
“I’ll log onto eBay.”
“Already done.”

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Blogger Naomi ~ 4:54 PM

Charlie and I should be bedmates. Apparently I make the covers levitate.  

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