Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Working from Regina

TREV: I'm listening to Jerry Springer. He's commenting on a report that some family values coalition is trying to ban for promoting bi-sexuality.
WORKING: er, it does?
TREV: apparently when you log in or get a membership or whatever, you fill out a poll that asks if you are a boy or a girl or I'm not sure. those are the options and therefore...
WORKING: Oh for fuck sakes.
TREV: we should start
WORKING: that's a good title for a website!
TREV: I know!
WORKING: A site that announces the ridiculousness of our world.
TREV: no one shall be spared
WORKING: Except the bank. Because it turns out forcing loss-of-employment-insurance on me all those months ago was not so 'for fuck sakes'.
TREV: so we make a link to the other site;
WORKING: good idea.

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