Friday, January 20, 2006

What the Hell

I don’t know if I should admit this. But since it appears I’m still typing, I guess I’m going to.

I was brushing my teeth. I had to find the little metal key that helps squeeze toothpaste out of those impossibly stiff health food store brand tubes. I opened the drawer and saw my makeup bag. I started rifling around in it and suddenly there was all this make up! All this great, new makeup! I thought I lost that! And that! Yay!

It slowly occurred to me that none of these things had ever been lost. In fact, I’d just used them yesterday.

Possible explanations:
1. I’m experiencing the early onset of dementia.
2. I’m getting really, really bad in the mornings. You know, with the thinking.
3. The Universe has decided to give me the special mental power of constant, joyful rediscovery.
4. I’m experiencing the early onset of dementia.
WORKING: I just published a post about my morning.
TREV: cool
TREV: so are you losing your mind?
WORKING: I think I might be.
WORKING: Kind of handy for you. When you get sick of me you can always say, "no, sweetie, remember? We broke up? And you live at this nice group home, now."
WORKING: And I'll be like, "oh yeah. Right."
TREV: phssst
TREV: right
WORKING: "We should have kids."
WORKING: "No, sweetie, remember? You don't like kids."
WORKING: "Oh right. Little bastards."
TREV: haha
TREV: "But honey, we ALWAYS have sexy Asian women join us in bed."
TREV: "you just forgot, that's all"

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