Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Warning for Dog Owners

It's a weird day for dog owners. The park has been turned into a mud pit by 20+ hours of rain, Percy got into another fight (not serious but it puts my stomach into knots), and I witnessed a near fistfight between owners. Is it a full moon?

Speaking of dogs (as I seem to a lot), the following is the second such forward I've received in the last six months. It involves yet another dog from our local dog park. The dog is a large German Shepard. FYI:

We lost Bru on December 30 when we were in Vermont. I don't know exactly how it happened but during the night he must have gotten into something but at 5 in the morning I went downstairs to let all the dogs out and discovered that Bru's abdomen was swollen. At 8 am we put him in the car, drove to the closest vet, no vet. We drove to the next closest one, no vet. We then had to drive 45 minutes to Stowe and he died in the car just minutes before we could get him there. I was giving him the kiss of life and all sorts to try and get him back but he didn't make it. As you can imagine I was a complete basket case. My baby is gone.

It turns out that it was bloat or torsion and that is fatal unless you can get them to a vet in time where a tube can be inserted to try and release the gases.

I'm sure you've heard of this before but it's an awful thing. We now soak the dry food before feeding and make sure the dogs have small meals twice a day. This is very common in large, big chested dogs so just watch your two for goodness sake. If you don't soak the kibble, remove the water and don't let them have any for an hour after eating. And obviously no exercise for an hour after eating.

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