Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Update: Nerves

Wow. What a night. As soon as Sister # 5 called me with initial news, I got sick. Very nauseous. And very prickly (poor Trevor, there wasn’t much he could do).

But I got the next call late last night that Dad was okay. Really okay, actually, thanks to morphine! He feels pretty foolish for having gotten smacked in the face with a pipe at work. This is his 2nd major accident in a year (he got burned really bad last spring, was off for months). He will have to have some reconstructive surgery and Sister # 2 said something about bone chips in his eyeball, which gave me the heebies. But he’s going to be okay (and bored. Dad doesn’t do sick leave very well).

At 3:45 AM, we missed a call from Sister #4 in Korea. I think she’s taken up amphetamines. In large quantities. Or she was just very worried.

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Blogger Naomi ~ 9:07 AM

Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that! Let me know when your dad is doing better and I'll stop by sometime and try to amuse him.  

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