Monday, January 23, 2006

The Sin of Gluttony

The inside of my mouth really hurts today. I don’t know why, but it feels pickled. I wonder if it’s what I ate this weekend? Couldn't be.

- Tortilla chips and ¼ bottle Frank’s Red Hot.
- Sushi, extra wasabi
- Pizza, ¼ bottle Frank’s Red Hot
- Movie popcorn, extra butter
- More sushi, extra wasabi.
- Six cups of coffee
- 3 beers
- 2 glasses of wine

And my head feels kind of fuzzy and dull. I wonder if it’s what I watched this weekend? Couldn't be.

- 10 episodes of 24, Season 3
- Coronation Street, of course
- Brokeback Mountain
- China Rising documentary Part I
- 3 hours of random channel flipping

I mean, that's all reasonable, isn't it?

You know, no wonder I woke up craving lemon water and leek soup today. And if it weren’t Election Day, I’d turn off fthe lippin’ TV and keep it off.

Charlie and I are off to walk the back 40. Herd us some woolies, shoot us some 'cayootes'. Or we'll head down to the Danforth to grab a grande-soy-chai-latte-extra-hot and a Toronto Star. Git along, littl’ doggies!

Happy Monday!

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Anonymous Anonymous ~ 8:44 AM

Hi Monica -- Chris of the Beingessner variety here. Couldn't help but notice your affliction for Frank's Red Hot -- an addiction you share with most of the Cambodian-dwelling expat community. I have never seen hot sauce dumped so liberally on everything from curry to rice to grilled cheese to pizza. Seems to ruin the flavour in my experience...though, sometimes the cafeteria food here is better with ruined flavour... Anyhoo, I enjoyed reading your blog -- very witty. Very Monica-like...though I can tell which entries you had coffee before, and which you didn't. :)  

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