Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Out and About

WORKING: hey love.
TREV: hey baby! how's it going?
WORKING: Good! I waited a long time to get my blood done, but didn't have to pee in a cup this time. So that's good.*
TREV: you don't like peeing in a cup?
WORKING: No, I don't care for it.
WORKING: Then I treated myself to an omelet at Mocha Mocha because I was starving (had to fast for test).
TREV: mmm...omelet
WORKING: It was good. And I sat directly in the line of sight of the Canadian Tire guy. We ordered the same thing. When I got up to pay, he got up to pay. When I was in line at Sun Valley Foods, he was right behind me.
TREV: did he recommend the new Cash1000 cash register from Canadian Tire?
TREV: ONLY from Canadian Tire?
WORKING: Heh heh.
* * *
TREV: hey remember the CTU agent from the start of Season 4 who handcuffed Jack to the railing and then got shot and killed?
TREV: I just saw him in front of St Lawrence Market
WORKING: No shit! I wonder if Jack Bower knows?
TREV: Its B-A-U-E-R. God!
WORKING: Oh right.
WORKING: He probably knows.

* Just thyroid crap.

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