Thursday, January 26, 2006

Note from a Friend

WORKING: A concerned reader writes:
If Trevor REALLY loved you, he would just suck it up and bleed from the ass for your stew....

Hey that's some top 40 shit... Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner eat your heart out....

And Iiiiiiiieeeeiiiiiiii will bleed from my ass for youououou.......
Oh Iiiiii bleed from my ass for youuuuuuuuuuu

Though I am betting it wouldn't have made as much money if it had been called "The Ass Bleeder" or "The Ass Bleeding Bodyguard" People would wonder why his ass was bleeding and assume he got shot there, because he is a bodyguard right? But I would have still seen the movie because I would have know that his ass was bleeding for LOVE....

See what you went and started, now I have to go and sedate myself....

A Concerned Reader

TREV: should I have bled from the ass?
WORKING: If you loved me.
TREV: that's it. this whole love thing ain't for me.

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Blogger Naomi ~ 10:32 AM

Thanks to this post, I have had "The Greatest Love of All" in my head all morning.  

Blogger Cooking Kitty Corner ~ 11:47 PM


That was pure comedic genius.

Hello fellow torontonian.
- Pat  

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