Monday, January 30, 2006

Heart Rate Increased

TREV: holy crap
[NOTE: This is the first thing typed. Not the usual 'hello' or 'hey baby.' So something must be very wrong. My heart is in my throat.]
WORKING: What's up?
TREV: Baby Jessica (who fell in the well) is 19 and just got married.
WORKING: Okay. This is a trend, now - you scare the living Christ out of me for what turns out to be a simple 'time gone by' revelation.*
TREV: haha
WORKING: I think you need therapy.
WORKING: Time therapy.
WORKING: To cope.
TREV: perhaps
TREV: think I could claim disability?
WORKING: I could help you with that.... Especially if you keep scaring me like this.

* The other day he exclaimed, "holy shit!" I nearly dropped a plate. It was because Challenger blew up 20 years ago.

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Blogger Dan ~ 5:14 PM

Tell Trevor he's not disabled, he's just having a midlife crisis. I've been doing the same thing, and it took me a while to figure out there was an implied "I'm old" after the "Holy shit". Stick that in, and it makes more sense... and, dammit, it is something to be alarmed about.

"Holy shit, I'm old: Challenger was 20 years ago."
"Holy crap, I'm old: baby Jessica is now 19."
"Jesus bouncing Christ on a pogo stick, I'm old: it's been 22 years since Ghostbusters came out."

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